DSP - Board with 2 ADC channels with high speed/resolution

I am searching for a DSP - Board with 2 high speed/high resolution ADC-channels (sampling rate larger than 1 MHz, resolution 16 Bit) The Tiburon - Board from Bittware is fitting quite well. (64 MHz Oversampling with 14 Bit resolution should give also at least 16 Bit effective resolution at frequencies below 500 kHz)

Are there interesting alternatives?

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Wolfgang Maerzinger
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Berkeley Camera Engineering

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makes a Quad ADC card that can do 4 simultaneous 16-bit samples at, IIRC, 2MHz. They don't currently list it on their website, but you should email them for info.

Joe Power

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Joseph Power

snipped-for-privacy@uar.at (Wolfgang Maerzinger) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:

What are your DSP processing requirements? Our dspstak line of boards are comprised of DSP Engines and I/O Modules. Two boards create the complete function. This allows us (or you) to quickly create a custom board for your I/O needs without the complication of the DSP design.

Our dspstak 21161sx and dspstak 21262sx are both Sharc based designs (ADSP-21161 & ADSP-21262) that might be appropriate. They are certainly not as powerful as the boards that Bittware provides, but they are much less expensive.

You can find details at our web site.

Al Clark
Danville Signal Processing, Inc.
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Al Clark

Not sure what you have in mind-specifically for a "DSP board", but TERN has a specific Grabber board that might be able to handle your requirements. It's been used by Stanford Linear Accelator Center for their high-speed sampling requirements.

At $99 a board (truly), the Grabber can buffer two channels at sample rates up to 80 Mhz into an onboard 1 MB FIFO buffer.

Drop us an email for details. Like other companies... this is such a unique product it doesn't show up on our website's general product list.

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