CRC Kermit problem

I found a C routine that calculates the CRC correctly OnCrctst() is a button to run it. I need a 8051 ASM routine to do the same thing or similar I can only find a few PIC routines which I cannot seen to follow. Please, someone help me..... Ed ============================================================================

#define P_KERMIT 0x8408 unsigned short update_crc_kermit(unsigned short crc, char c); static int crc_tabkermit_init = FALSE; static unsigned short crc_tabkermit[256]; static void init_crckermit_tab( void );

void CEfloppyDlg::OnCrctst() { int i, j; char ed[10]; unsigned char dstr[20];

dstr[0]=0x30; //known data string 02 30 30 30 33 46 4F 21 20 20 03 68 D5 dstr[1]=0x30; //02 is not processed for CRC dstr[2]=0x30; //03 is string end and is included dstr[3]=0x33; //68 D5 is CRC Kermit and does calculate correctly dstr[4]=0x46; //with this routine dstr[5]=0x4f; dstr[6]=0x21; dstr[7]=0x20; dstr[8]=0x20; dstr[9]=0x03; crc = 0x0000; for (i=0; i> 8) ^ crc_tabkermit[ tmp & 0xff ];

return crc; }

static void init_crckermit_tab( void ) { int i, j; unsigned short crc, c;

for (i=0; i 1 ) ^ P_KERMIT; else crc = crc >> 1; c = c >> 1; } crc_tabkermit[i] = crc; } crc_tabkermit_init = TRUE; }

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You can probably adapt one of several routines here:

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Dan Henry
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Dan Henry

Assuming you are using (or at least have access to) a C compiler, look at the assembly code produced. Tweak things. For example, crc_tabkermit_init should be a bit, but better to build the table first. And then split the table into hi-byte and low-byte and place it in the code segment so you can use the strange 8051 indexing mode. But if you do those things, you really won't need to use assembly code. Eventually, the C looks like:

CrcT CRC_AddByte(CrcT Crc, u8 Byte) { Byte ^= Crc.Field.Hi; Crc.Field.Hi = CrcTable_hi[Byte] ^ Crc.Field.Lo; Crc.Field.Lo = CrcTable_lo[Byte];

return Crc; }

You can use pycrc

formatting link
to generate code and get:


  • \file Kermit.c

  • Functions and types for CRC checks.


  • Generated on Mon Apr 06 10:49:37 2009,

  • by pycrc v0.7.1,
    formatting link

  • using the configuration:

  • Width = 16

  • Poly = 0x1021

  • XorIn = 0x0000

  • ReflectIn = True

  • XorOut = 0x0000

  • ReflectOut = True

  • Algorithm = table-driven

  • Direct = True


#include "Kermit.h"




  • Static table used for the table_driven implementation.


static const crc_t crc_table[256] = {

0x0000, 0x1189, 0x2312, 0x329b, 0x4624, 0x57ad, 0x6536, 0x74bf,

0x8c48, 0x9dc1, 0xaf5a, 0xbed3, 0xca6c, 0xdbe5, 0xe97e, 0xf8f7,

0x1081, 0x0108, 0x3393, 0x221a, 0x56a5, 0x472c, 0x75b7, 0x643e,

0x9cc9, 0x8d40, 0xbfdb, 0xae52, 0xdaed, 0xcb64, 0xf9ff, 0xe876,

0x2102, 0x308b, 0x0210, 0x1399, 0x6726, 0x76af, 0x4434, 0x55bd,

0xad4a, 0xbcc3, 0x8e58, 0x9fd1, 0xeb6e, 0xfae7, 0xc87c, 0xd9f5,

0x3183, 0x200a, 0x1291, 0x0318, 0x77a7, 0x662e, 0x54b5, 0x453c,

0xbdcb, 0xac42, 0x9ed9, 0x8f50, 0xfbef, 0xea66, 0xd8fd, 0xc974,

0x4204, 0x538d, 0x6116, 0x709f, 0x0420, 0x15a9, 0x2732, 0x36bb,

0xce4c, 0xdfc5, 0xed5e, 0xfcd7, 0x8868, 0x99e1, 0xab7a, 0xbaf3,

0x5285, 0x430c, 0x7197, 0x601e, 0x14a1, 0x0528, 0x37b3, 0x263a,

0xdecd, 0xcf44, 0xfddf, 0xec56, 0x98e9, 0x8960, 0xbbfb, 0xaa72,

0x6306, 0x728f, 0x4014, 0x519d, 0x2522, 0x34ab, 0x0630, 0x17b9,

0xef4e, 0xfec7, 0xcc5c, 0xddd5, 0xa96a, 0xb8e3, 0x8a78, 0x9bf1,

0x7387, 0x620e, 0x5095, 0x411c, 0x35a3, 0x242a, 0x16b1, 0x0738,

0xffcf, 0xee46, 0xdcdd, 0xcd54, 0xb9eb, 0xa862, 0x9af9, 0x8b70,

0x8408, 0x9581, 0xa71a, 0xb693, 0xc22c, 0xd3a5, 0xe13e, 0xf0b7,

0x0840, 0x19c9, 0x2b52, 0x3adb, 0x4e64, 0x5fed, 0x6d76, 0x7cff,

0x9489, 0x8500, 0xb79b, 0xa612, 0xd2ad, 0xc324, 0xf1bf, 0xe036,

0x18c1, 0x0948, 0x3bd3, 0x2a5a, 0x5ee5, 0x4f6c, 0x7df7, 0x6c7e,

0xa50a, 0xb483, 0x8618, 0x9791, 0xe32e, 0xf2a7, 0xc03c, 0xd1b5,

0x2942, 0x38cb, 0x0a50, 0x1bd9, 0x6f66, 0x7eef, 0x4c74, 0x5dfd,

0xb58b, 0xa402, 0x9699, 0x8710, 0xf3af, 0xe226, 0xd0bd, 0xc134,

0x39c3, 0x284a, 0x1ad1, 0x0b58, 0x7fe7, 0x6e6e, 0x5cf5, 0x4d7c,

0xc60c, 0xd785, 0xe51e, 0xf497, 0x8028, 0x91a1, 0xa33a, 0xb2b3,

0x4a44, 0x5bcd, 0x6956, 0x78df, 0x0c60, 0x1de9, 0x2f72, 0x3efb,

0xd68d, 0xc704, 0xf59f, 0xe416, 0x90a9, 0x8120, 0xb3bb, 0xa232,

0x5ac5, 0x4b4c, 0x79d7, 0x685e, 0x1ce1, 0x0d68, 0x3ff3, 0x2e7a,

0xe70e, 0xf687, 0xc41c, 0xd595, 0xa12a, 0xb0a3, 0x8238, 0x93b1,

0x6b46, 0x7acf, 0x4854, 0x59dd, 0x2d62, 0x3ceb, 0x0e70, 0x1ff9,

0xf78f, 0xe606, 0xd49d, 0xc514, 0xb1ab, 0xa022, 0x92b9, 0x8330,

0x7bc7, 0x6a4e, 0x58d5, 0x495c, 0x3de3, 0x2c6a, 0x1ef1, 0x0f78



  • Reflect all bits of a \a data word of \a data_len bytes.


  • \param data The data word to be reflected.

  • \param data_len The width of \a data expressed in number of bits.

  • \return The reflected data.


long crc_reflect(long data, size_t data_len)


unsigned int i;

long ret;

ret = data & 0x01;

for (i = 1; i < data_len; i++)


data >>= 1;

ret = (ret > 8)) & 0xffff;



return crc & 0xffff;

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