C/C++ for 6809?

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Are there any freeware or open source C compilers for the 6809 that will run
under Windows NT/XP and produce position independent code that will assemble
under OS9 Level II?

Re: C/C++ for 6809?
Once upon a time, there was a company named Introl... They had a C compiler
for the whole Motorola family, pretty cheap...I have used M6809 one in
projects.I think they are out of business now, but maybe you can find a copy



Re: C/C++ for 6809?

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A quick Google shows that there are various gcc ports for the 6809 (but you
would have to compile it yourself...) as well as variants on Ron Cain's
small C compiler (which is a bit limited).


Re: C/C++ for 6809?
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Btw, I still offer a low cost C toolset for the 6809 -  The 09 was my first
target for the compiler (lotta years ago now :-) - still one of the nicest
8-bit architectures I've seen.


Dunfield Development Systems          http://www.dunfield.com
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Re: C/C++ for 6809?

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Does your compiler generate position-independent stuff?  If so, what
conventions does it follow (e.g. using the Y register to point at local

I really like your tools.  Have you ever considered opening-up the
source for them?  Or even making it available for a price?



John W. Linville

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