Big allocation AND per process memory!

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] what MS guy is talking about memory allocation , i wonder that they say that process address space can be 4 GB [ 32 bit architecture ] memory with one half for kernel and another for user. Ok! lets say that

you can just use 2 GB with any user application , fine. If i write a kernel mode code which can access user and as well as kernel space then

it should be able to take care of 4 GB. But why Microsoft guys are just

saying NO for big allocations?

It might be possible that lack of addressing flat memory is due to other than OS itself like TLB , HW cache , VM manager architecture etc..


Say Windows 32 bit OS for intel architecture.

0) Kernel space = 2 1) User space = 2

Total process space = 4 GB.

User mode App. = You have just 2 GB to move around , you keep you data,

routines and string for file mapping here.

Kernel mode code = Ok here you can move around 3 GB.

You can see that our system is consuming min 1 GB [PCB , stack etc.] in

both cases. So we can see that system is spoiling 4 GB [ one process] for every four processes;-)

that is what i'm thinking.



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