Atmel AT91 (ARM) Family


Has anybody already worked with this microcontroller family? Which is you opinion?

They seem very interesting because they use an ARM7 core processor an include very useful communications peripherals (ethernet MAC, us controller, ...)

Does anybody know if there are free developing tools:

- compiler / linker: i guess that GCC may be useful as this family use ARM7 cores.

- programmer: it seems they have parallel and serial (jtag interfaces.

I want to start a project based on a AT91 uC, but I'd like to know thi first. The most unknow thing is if there are already tools or schematics t programm these devices.

Thanks in advance !!!

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I have used Cirrus Logic ARM controllers which are similar. You can use the $150 ocdemon wiggler from Macraigor systems and GCC/gdb. I like the Insight front-end for gdb, it works nice. If you go to macraigor's website you can find the toolset and JTAG interfaces for ARM controllers.

regards, J. Cordaro

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We started working on it, but got side-tracked into another one. Will get back to it later.

Yes, you can use free schematic capture, layout, compiler and debugger.

Here is a link to a free AT91RM9200 design.

http: slash slash pcb dot linnix dot com slash sbc1 dot html


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Simple to use. Relatively inexpensive. You might have better results using the SAM series though, they are more integrated. Depends what you are doing.

Yes, arm-gcc. Buy my first book, which was about the AT91R40807 :)

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I've used the AT91R40008 from that series. I have to tell you, it's a pleasure to work with.

As others have said, the GCC toolset is available, usable and free. The GDB debugger is a pain to work with, and for me at least is really unstable with the wiggler programmer though, but once you have your minimal boot-loader up and running, it's not an issue any more. Actually I have done all my development without a debugger.

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- my AT91 based design
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- ARM cross GCC toolset
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- Wiggler schematic

Regards, Andras Tantos

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Andras Tantos

We have done a few projects with their older AT91M55800, ARM7TDMI, using GCC on one and Code Warrior on others. Code Warrior is dumping support, so GCC is a good choice (or Keil, just bought by ARM).

There is programming code, source and ready made tools from Atmel. Comes on the CD with the eval boards. Eval kits from Atmel are very reasonable, about US$250. I have been very pleased with the Atmel stuff.


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