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ARM distinguishes application, embedded and secure cores but the distinction between application and embedded cores seems somewhat arbitrary and not explained very well. I'm probably missing something so I'm wondering if someone could explain what these categories really mean. I can see how the different cores have different features but it's not clear how they fall into these two categories.

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It dont matter what they say , Use ARM , make it work for you

rather than study it to death , and be happy .

Im working up a ARM 9 home made PDA , HDD , USB Host ( No PDA has

SB Host ) , 24bit 1024/768 video ,

It will be in parallel , i will have many ARM cpus and i will go

back and forth , testing S/W til i fnd the easiest way to create

a open , free OpSys , that will fit in 4MB SRAM , so it boots

in 0.2 seconds .

Some of my ARM boxes will have only a 128/64 bw LCD ( BG Micro $10)

and softkeys around the LCD . This i use to create the low level code .

And the Speech computer . It will have fast voice recog ' and essentially

be a super voice recorder .

None of these box's will program in the English language .

If that confuses , you dont do programming ......

ARM instruction set is far better than any Intel micro ever ......

Big changes coming in s/w ......


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All Application ARM's have MMUs to allow generic application and OS to coexist nicely, embedded ARMS have no MMUs since application and os are tightly integrated, but sometimes have a simple MPU for some protection

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