68HC908 programming 32.768 kHz crystal

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I am trying to learn the HC908.
From what I understand, I require just a MAX232, resistors, jumpers,
and a 32.768 kHz crystal, power and serial data than I should be ready
to go… maybe.
Is it possible to program the chip without a higher (8 MHz?)
IE using the PLL w/o software control.
Anyone have any basic circuits that they could recommend to help me
get started?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

Re: 68HC908 programming 32.768 kHz crystal

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You've got the general idea, but the details are different
for the various members of the HC908 family.
Goto www.freescale.com and in about 3 clicks you can be
at the selection page for the 908 family.  Pick the one
you are using and download the User's Manual.  All will
be revealed.

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