Turn on Dynamic Range Compression

I am trying to turn on Dynamic Range Compression or D.COMP as Denon calls it.

I got up to and finished step 5. But instead of going to step 6, it went to step 8, Default Y/N.

Step 6 is where you can turn on Dynamic Range Compression.

I want to set Comp because of the tremendous dynamic range of movie soundtracks.

Here are pictures of 2 pages of the manual.

formatting link

formatting link

When I play DVD movies, I am constantly having to adjust the volume because of the wide difference in the sound volume.

Thanks, Andy

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I post links to the same page.

Here is the right one.

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Thanks for that, really helps folks to answer providing info like that. Keep it up :)

I can see this in that same section to the right

Note: "This parameter is not displayed during DTS playback" ?

Try a DVD without a DTS soundtrack, or turn DTS off in the DVD's home menu audio option?

However, instead of mucking about with compression, try turning the centre channel up a little bit. You probably are trying to follow the dialog which generally goes to that speaker, and maybe it's a bit low so you get blasted by everything else.

But, hang on....

You previously said

Er, that's not how you do it!

You need to sit in your listening chair and adjust the volume of each speaker so that they all sound at the same volume _from your chair_

Adrian C
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Adrian Caspersz

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