Nominal Amperage

I know there's nominal voltages for equipment, do amperage ratings have a similar range?

I'm trying to match an 120V transformer for a 5V/2amp dc device (router). I have in hand a 5V 2.8 amp transformer... would this blow it up?



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The xformer only delivers the current that is drawn by the circuit (up to its max rating). IOW, you could have a 5V/2000000A xformer and it would still only deliver the current drawn by the circuit. You can think of current as being pulled, rather than pushed. Sort of like a tap - there is a great deal of water pressure, but the tap (like the circuit), controls how much water comes out. Even though there is a lot of water available, the tap decides how much comes out.

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I want one!!!

(And the superconducting bars to transfer it to the whatever. Ha!)


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