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Gary Lecomte
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We need to do an assignment for one of our subjects Power Electronics.

I have got no idea what to do this on. Examples are : Power inverters, DC motor controls, and so on.

We are currently busy with power diodes, power transistors, SCR's UGBT's.

Any interesting ideas for this assignment?

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I would guess this is a trade school or high school class. How about doing the "science fair volcano" project, the one that everybody does, a triac-based lamp dimmer? You can get a 12.6VAC transformer and safely control an automotive headlight.

Extra credit for a circuit which overcomes "snap-on hysteresis" and provides true control all the way down to 0V. Write it up well and you're pretty much guaranteed an "A". If you want a good sample circuit of this type (along with help on your writeup), look in the GE SCR Manual, 4th edition (you may have to hunt to find this or ask your teacher).

I hope this is helpful. If not, next time provide a little more information, and you might get a more responsive answer.

Good luck Chris

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On Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:33:25 +0200, "pil" wroth:

A wise man once said, "To make money or win fame, find a problem and solve it." Today, problems with power electronics often involve "power factors". Do some research regarding that phrase and try to develop a project involving "power factor correction".


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James Meyer

Any reason the schematic displays sideways?

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Square wave output? That's dangerous!

            wide-open at throttle dot info
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