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Hello I bought very old used overhead mobile video. I intend to use inside the house with AC and mobile video has 12V with two wires. I have universal AC-DC adaptor with 1.5 - 12V and wonder I can cut the end and attach the wires from mobile video and use it? Is it possible?

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you most likely need a larger adapter in current rating. don't think your adapter will deliver enough current for the job. i can only suspect that you have one of those little mini universal types? if so, they normally do not have that much current rating. if you have an amp meter you may want to try connect to a

12 volt battery and measure the load.
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First determne if it needs 12 volts AC or DC. Next detemine how much current it draws. If it's DC note the polarity. If universal power supply matches, you can wire it up.

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