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I believe it was JosephKK who promised to post source code for

> NewsProxy?? >=20 > Could you do that? I'll pass it on to my son, who I'm sure can > modernize it and fix the crash mechanism.

The original author no longer supports NewsProxy/nfilter, but some others are carrying on. Here are links to=20 nfilter 1.2.4:

(readme) (program)

The zip file contains an executable as well as another zip file with source code.

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Greg Neill
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Thanks, Greg!!!

All the previous sites I had found had a corrupted zipfile :-(

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Jim Thompson

Jim Thomps>Thanks, Greg!!!

Here's a short history of this saga:

formatting link

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FYI, my name is Bill and I live in Kirkland, WA. The accusations about NewsProxy being malicious are baseless, and the source code is provided.

I've been working with the source code since 2001 and have been using NewsProxy continuously since late 2000.

I will answer any questions about v1.2.4 in alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modified

I found and fixed the problem with the long excel equation. It's a simple matter of changing one define in the source code, but that's a sloppy approach. If I fix it, it will be in v1.2.5, provided there are good reasons to release a new build. I'm not going to put out v1.2.5 just to correct the line length bug, since no newsreader should be putting out 2076 character long lines in the first place.

I'm open to suggestions for further additions, improvements, whatever - but again, please use alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modified

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Being rather blunt at times, are you considering picking up maintenance on it?

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I've been releasing newer builds of NewsProxy since 2004. v1.2.4 is the last one I released, about 2 years ago now.

As far as "picking up" anything with it - I accept no money, but I will answer questions in a.u.o-r.f-a.m about it.

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