PS/2 vs USB Keyboard and why Logitech K120 belongs in trash !


In this video I prove why PS/2 keyboards are better for typing and gaming.

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In short: PS/2 drivers are optimized and use less CPU cycles and thus will remain res ponsive in HEAVY CPU GAMING USAGE.

Logitech K120 USB Keyboard has BAD drivers and TINY annoying shift key on t he left, the rest is also a few millimeters off causing QUESTION MARK to be pressed while trying to hold RIGHT shift key.

(Unfortunately I smashed it to pieces before I could test the BAD drivers l ike shown in this video, however I used another USB keyboard, Logitech Ultr aX it has much better drivers but even here it shows the USB drivers consum e more CPU cycles ! Therefore I advise gamers to use PS/2 connections for k eyboards when available, to keep keyboard responsive during HIGH CPU usage during gaming, especially for World of Warships ! ;) :))

I completely smashed this shit out of Logitech K120 and put it in the trash where it belongs =D

It was 12 euros. Worst 12 euros ever spent ! LOL. Shame on Logitech for pro ducing this garbage. I am very glad this keyboard is now DEAD, so I did hav e some fun smashing the shit out of this 12 euro costing piece of SHIT.

This video shows:

  1. LiteOn PS/2 Keyboard in white, using less cpu cycles (less black lines o n screen).
  2. Logitech UltraX USB keyboard, using more cpu cyces (more black lines). T his keyboard has better drives than the Logitech K120 presumably, but still perhaps worse than PS/2.
  3. Logitech K120 keyboard in trash where it belongs ! =D
  4. Tiny annoying shift key on Logitech K120 keyboard.

Worse 12 euro's ever spent on hardware.

This keyboard lasted about 6 months or 1 year or something before I totally smashed it to pieces, couldn't stand it anymore.

This is the first piece of hardware that I completely smashed to pieces as far as I can remember ! LOL.

That says something about the horror of this product ! ;) =D

Bye, Skybuck.

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