OT: Wars "R" U.S.

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How many more senseless wars can we lose before people begin to doubt the wisdom and authority of their elected leaders when it comes to leadership of the Army, Navy, Marines, etc.?

It's very depressing because I think we can lose lots of wars and, in fact, we intend to lose the wars. These wars are meant to be lost. They're not meant to be won, and winning would be the worst thing that could happen.

I mean, we're set up in a system where the wars are designed to keep the war industry in business. You can't win a war and stay in business, because if you won a real war, then you'd have to send the troops home and stop spending so much money.

But these wars are not intended for that. They're intended to go on forever. The military does not want to win them. The military has no way of winning them, because there's no enemy that could be defeated.

I mean, they're designed just to go on forever. They are an extension and a corruption of the defense industry, really, and so they'll just go on and on.

What will happen, though, is that the defense industry will become corrupted by doing things that really don't involve national defense. And this happened in Argentina, by the way, in the 1970s, when the military was put to service killing people.

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Robert Baer
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It's not about winning or losing 'the war'. It's about you losing money. It's transfer of wealth from the bottom to the top.


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Joe Hey

That WAS the drift of the article..

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Robert Baer

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