OT: Alternate reality in which Cain becomes US President

Excerpts from Wikipedia 50 years from now;

The Great Wall of China: Built by.....

The Great Fence of America: Built by illegal immigrants and stretching from.....

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That would be cool, to build a Great Wall sort of thing, instead of just ugly chain links and barbed wire. Have a bicycle path on top maybe.


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John Larkin

And a path, a path! (Nee!)

-- Cheers, James Arthur

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How about a shooting gallery?

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A news report 3 years from now;

Just in, a confession from St. John (The Divine);

"Shucks folks, I probably should have brought this forward before, but I was meditating upside-down during my apocalyptic revelation...the number I saw in someone's head was not 6-6-6 it was really 9-9-9."

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You'd be thinking of the Berlin Wall? The one that got knocked down in


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-- Bill Sloman, Nijmegen

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Bill Sloman

Just turn it over to the cartels, and tell 'em they get to keep whatever goes across outside the checkpoints.

-- Les Cargill

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Les Cargill

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