Meaning of floating/fixed secondary coil on transformer?

Hi there - I was just looking at a datasheet for some CCFL transformers

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and noticed that the secondary coils on some are labeled as floating, while others are labeled as fixed (see middle of page 2, schematic a and schematic b).

What exactly does this mean? Does it mean the secondary is shorted to the primary? Or something else?



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Dunno, if there were a connection I think it would be indicated. Maybe it refers to insulation value -- floating is higher pot?


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Tim Williams


** Email the company and ask them - as they seem to have invented their own term for the design.

The "floating" and "fixed" secondary versions vary only in pin out, as far as the specs indicate.

.... Phil

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Phil Allison

the connection is indicated. For the fixed type one end of the secondary has has same pin number as the center of primary


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The terminology appears to define how the back-light is wired. In the 'fixed' mode one end of the secondary and the light are connected to a current sense circuit that feeds back to the controlling IC. In the 'floating' mode however, it is connected only to the secondary winding (through a capacitor). It would seem from this that one end of the secondary is at a fixed potential in the first case but the whole of it floats in the other.

Cheers - Joe

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Joe McElvenney

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