Looking for Hi Freq - Hig voltgae Caps

This page list Capacitor manufactures, divded by dielectric types:

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Also includes a High-Voltage listing

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Since you said nothing about "Q", I'll point out that the ones from Maxwell can be strung in series to get higher voltages. You can get as many Farads as you want. Just start sending them money.

American Technical Ceramics is good place to get RF capacitors and app notes on using them.

Zenkel has a line of high Q capacitors.

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Ken Smith

Hi All,

I have a special application in which I need a filter with

  1. a range of frequencies 10kHz to 1.5MHz
  2. Operational voltage 100~150V AC rms

Has high capacitance as I can get at 150V AC rms at 1.5MHz.

Any pointers on Capacatance mfg's, suppliers, brands and types would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Joe G (Home)

May be Johanson is the source you are looking for

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