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You have been corrected many times about the low cost shipping from China. It is subsidized by China as our postal agreement with them (and most of the world) allows us to bill them for all the items handled through the US mail after paying Chinese postal rates.

Repeating lies like this only makes you look like a fool.

Rick C 

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Don't forget the non-tariff-barrier to trade aspect.

The Underwriters Laboratory only certifies stuff that they've tested, so if you are manufacturing outside of the US it's tricky and expensive to get you stuff certified.

In Europe the national standards are published, and you only need to prove that your product conforms to them.

Noah Webster's dictionary of American English was an early example of an American manufacturer freezing out foreign competition (in his case with a product that didn't meet international standards).

Bill Sloman, Sydney
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They are published, but not available without paying a large fee. It is objectionable that they are given any official recognition in law without being available free of charge. You might claim that they are available in libraries, but the conditions of access and prohibition on copying make this a fairly impractical option for most users of the standards, and the licence fees are also a burden on the finances of public libraries.

In Australia in order to know the law (as expressed in many mandatory standards), you have to purchase them from a private company now AFAIK owned by a Hong Kong entity. This company does not develop the content, it just sells it. It is a curious situation. The WA parliament conducted an investigation into it recently, and the transcripts of the interviews on their website are interesting reading.

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On a sunny day (Fri, 6 Oct 2017 01:04:45 +0530) it happened Pimpom wrote in :

No, China. Sellers name: bruce-shark

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Item location: Guang Zhou, China Shipping from China/Hong Kong/Taiwan to worldwide seems to have 99.7% positive feedback. Something not right there :-)

I think they are clueless, they just but from crooked sellers themselves, cheap bad stock.

More recently I ordered 10 pieces LM35 temperature sensor, TO-92, received those, tested at low voltage ion lab supply, chips did nothing, on higher voltage smoked, but were indeed labeled LM35. Had some email exchange, had him check his stock, think he found none of his stock was LM35 :-) That is his problem, got a full refund. Still do not know what chip that really was.

That temperature meter, first ordered from a seller in Belgium, his account was canceled by ebay weeks later, I emailed ebay asking why (had not received anything), immediately got a full refund, but no explanation. Then ordered the one I have now in China, and that one is OK.

No telling,

For the drone ordered 2 7.4V 30C lipos, was warned about that seller on rcgroups, but had already ordered. tested those batteries, not 30C (wires would melt), not as many mAh as advertised, about 16 flight minutes of 20... hey but I had 2 for the price of 1 over here locally, 2 x 16 = 32 flight minutes....


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I don't like the look of that serial number - it suggests May 2013, could be past its best-before date.

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