Electronic Component Spare Parts

Electronic Material Industries,Inc.

10061 Riverside Drive Suite 1023 Toluca Lake,California 91602 USA

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(818)769-1002 & (818)763-9584 corporate office fax (818)769-1084 efax (310)388-1276

snipped-for-privacy@earthlink.net snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com

Military & Industrial & Commerial Electronic Component Spare Parts

Capacitors & Resistors & Semiconductors & Diodes & Transistors & Integrated Circuits

Please Fax or Email your requirements & purchase orders & inquires & questions

$10.00 line order $50.00 min order for domestic orders $100.00 min order for international orders $35.00 charge for wire-tranfers & bank-transfers We accept VISA and Mastercard for payment

5 % for purchase orders paid by credit cards
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