electronic component retailer in Greece?

Similar to my last question about Singapore. Where would one go in Greece to find AC "wall wart" power adapters with 12VAC (not DC!) output, 500mA current capability, 2.1mm x 5.5mm coax connector?

In this case, looking for a retailer, someone that an individual customer of mine (rather than a distributor) could go to to purchase just one.

In the USA I would point someone to Radio Shack or Frye's for a storefront, or to Jameco for mail-order; in UK, to Maplin; in Singapore, I'd send them to the electronics bazaars that Franc kindly pointed out. Where should I send them in Greece?


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Walter Harley
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Since there aren't any chains of stores for electronics in Greece, and if you want a full coverage of Greece (not only major cities) I would suggest this

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its an online shop that represents Farnell as well as others. It sells retail so individuals won't have a problem. Hope I helped

Regards GM

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