urgently need a certain seagate drive will pay $$$

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hi all

my seagate 200gb serial ATA drive had an accident and now requires
data recovery, the platters / motor are fine its just the controller
board that has been damaged .... anyway need to get a working drive
with exact model number part number and firware version in order to
perform data recovery.

Willing to pay of course for the drive and happy to pay for shipping
to australia from anywhere in the world

If anyone can help out that would be great. thanks in advance! drive
details are as follows

model st3200820as

p/n 9bj13f-305

firmware 3.aad


Re: urgently need a certain seagate drive will pay $$$
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eBay.  This one close enough?
SEAGATE ST3200820AS p/n:9BJ13F-621 fw:3.AHG SATA HDD


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