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Hi. I just bought a 2nd hand Sony FH-411R and mated it with PS-LX-150H
turntable. (2nd hand) All function & inputs OK but you have to turn up
aux. full bore to hear it. (Same input does CD player OK) Any advice?
Thanks Graeme

Re: sony fh-411r

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I don't know if this is correct, but I got told that turntables generally
doesn't have a pre-amp. Thats why on some hifi's, if you plug a cdplayer
into the PHONO input, it is very loud and distorted.

Don't take that as gospel, maybe someone else can confirm this?


Re: sony fh-411r

As mentioned by the other contributor unless the amplifier has a
specific "turntable" input (which I believe takes the signal and
pre-amplifies it before going out to amp) you will need a pre-amplifier
inline with the turntable before the AUX input to make it work.

Re: sony fh-411r

Thank you Adam & Andrew. This unit was obviously manufactured when
Turntables were still in regular use and has dual cassette deck but
only an input for CD (which works) As it didn't come with a dedicated
turntable one would think it would have the Pre Amp. Weird. Graeme

Re: sony fh-411r

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Probably not actually, the popularity of CD players quickly circumvented
that of vinyl (as a friends son calls them "the big black CD's). Most
people had cassette players in the car still though hence the dual
cassette recorder on your unit (i.e. to record off the CD).

You can still buy pre-amplifiers, or make your own, if you have the
knowledge. Vinyl is making a come back anyway!



Re: sony fh-411r

Yep; bought a pre-amp from Jaycar & now works fine.

Re: sony fh-411r

On 22 Jun 2005 22:42:05 -0700, put finger to
keyboard and composed:

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I don't know which preamp you bought, but make sure it has RIAA

- Franc Zabkar
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