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> Brad posted: > >> >>> On Sun, 19 Jul 2009 17:09:35 +1000 in,, z1 >>> posted: >>> >>>> J>>>> who wants analogue? >>> >>> I do. >>> It is the only way I can get continue to get community tv Channel 31. >>> added to groups. >> >>
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> > Thanks for the response Brad. > Altho' my comments are particularly about C31 they apply to other and > possibly all Australian Community TV. > I have no connection with TV except as a viewer. > C31 is available on
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(as an option - at present) > > I am glad TVS has this option, as C31 does - as an option, but they are > TV. > They should all be available on TV - freedom of choice and all that. > > 1. I listen to the radio on the radio, watch TV on the TV, ... > I know I can use my computer for everthing via streaming etc. but I have > my preferences and I prefer TV on a TV etc. > > 2. I live in Melbourne and TVS is not C31 - my local "Community TV " > altho' I would not mind being able to get TVS on my TV. > > 3. From the site "This service requires a high speed broadband connection, > and can potentially exceed your download limit." I get C31 or free. > > 4. I presently receive an excellent sound and vision on C31 as well as the > other FTA stations. I will not go digital till C31 does. > > 5. The advertising for digital said I would get extra stations not fewer. > > 6. C31 was told by the previous government that they would be digital. > > 7. The incoming Labor Minister said that the commitment would be honoured. > I am unsure if that was a "core" or "non-core" commitment. > > 8. C31 is losing viewers while waiting for the government to honour their > commitment. When people go digital not all continue to access the > analogue signal from C31. Some STBs corrupt the analogue signals so > analogue loses out. > > 8. C31 is losing sponsors as the number of viewers drop. This will > continue > until the government honours their commitment. > > 9. If the government does not honour the commitment in time C31 will cease > to exist and the "nursery" service it, and other community TV stations > provide, will die with it. > > 10.We need community TV if only to provide a "proving ground" for people > and ideas in TV. Hands on experience, learning how to do it, and making > mistakes are the hallmarks of Community TV, and are presently supported > by the other FTA stations. The FTA stations know that they benefit from > community TV because they can pick up experienced technicians, booth > operators, on-air talent etc. > > > Harry > "It is in the shelter of each other that people live." > Irish Proverb

In NSW why doesn't the NSW gov. give TVS / C31 the D44 spot on the spectrum that is underutilised now?

Sure its not SD/HD quality, the indigenous (NITV ?)station seems to be doing ok with it.

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