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Re: power supply explanation

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Step by step uA723 regulator.


Re: power supply explanation

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  It all sounds great.

  One thing though... how could you possibly expect to get an optimized
power supply design by giving some arbitrary, not-quite-all-informative
description of a couple of transformers?

  Common sense should tell one that it would be easier, less costly on
time and money, and better to start from the ground up.

 Hell, you claim no fancy stores... I'll bet that you haven't looked for
surplus or the like.  There are usually those in any given town of any
significant size anywhere in the world.  If you have power, you likely
have someone there running a store that has gear he collected in it.

  Then, of course, there are all kinds of hobbyist stores online.

  The learning kits...  everything is all there.

  Essentially, your question was simply to vague to give the answer you
seem to have been wanting to it.

  A $25 class D audio amp can be used as the driver front end to an
infinitely variable, variable frequency, power supply.

  You need to decide what voltage range and power range you want to
operate in, and with that info, you can deduce what your power needs will
be to achieve such a supply.

 Then, there are noise considerations.  Simple regulated supplies
typically have a very high ripple figure and are not useable in some
digital domains.  There are also switchers that are "noisy" in some
niches of the industry (HF transceivers, etc.).

  So, your request was oversimplified, so any answer you would have
gotten would have been just as simple in nature.

 The smack across the face you got from a couple folks was a wake up and
use some sense call.  Consider this one to be similar in nature.

  All drawn out...  whoopie doo.

  The smack down worked as well.

Re: power supply explanation

"F Murtz"

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** RCA introduced the CA3130  PMOS  FET  op-amp in September 1974.

 Your math is just as bad as your spelling and your memory.

......   Phil

Re: power supply explanation
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Well aren't you clever you have helped me enormously I just took a look
in my supply and the meter has 1971 stamped on it.
You have narrowed my search for original circuit [sometime in the early
  70s era electronic magazines]

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