Looking for good PCB Prototype Manufacturers


I am looking for some personal recommendations from people for PCB prototype manufacturers, who do you use ? My requirements are single layer , 5 pieces a time 15 x 22cm and 12 x 14cm

Any links or pointers appreciated.


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Robert King
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Try Rcs Radio, They are excellent

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Lucky Phil

I am looking for some personal recommendations from people for PCB prototype


I haven't had time to check your requirements but I use olimex

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I've used Futurlec in Thailand on and off for several years. They used to have a proto service which was very cheap, but the quality was all over the road like a galloping horse's poop. Eventually they dropped it and just kept the "commercial" quality range. These all have flagfall but still work out fairly economical. The hole sizing and alignment is good. Turnaround is up to three weeks. They accept Protel files from as far back as EasyTrax.

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is their web calculator so you can see what your job(s) will cost.

I've yet to find another service with comparable prices that will accept Protel .pcb files.

If your boards fit the sub-panel requirements you may also consider CustomPCB in Malaysia.

They also accept Protel files *but* their AutoTrax importing can cause some

*issues* and you would need to get "proofs" for checking before authorising prod.

Just my 2c worth.

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