Ipod Mini - Voltage regulator IC

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Hi all,

My Ipod mini died on the way to Bourke.  I think my car charger is
bad and giving out over voltage.

When I open the Ipod, I saw that one of the IC was toasted.

The IC is roughly 30mm from the bottom left corner of the PCB.
I think the designator of the IC is U11 and I have a feeling that
it is a voltage regulator IC.  

It is 5mm square with visible 16 pins, 4 pins on each sides.

Anybody know what is this IC? It is a shame to toss a $300 device
without giving it a fighting try.

I post some image at

Any input is appreciated.


Re: Ipod Mini - Voltage regulator IC -> UPDATE Data Found

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Thank you for everyone who tried to help.

For whoever who have the same problem,
I have the data for this chip, it is
LTC4055 USB Power Controller and Li-Ion Linear Charger.
Made by Linear Technology  http://www.linear-tech.com


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