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Anyone tried to make a x10 CRO probe?

I've got an old Silicon Chip article (1989?) which gives some basic info, but the
biggest problems involve the physical construction. My first attempt worked fine
until I made the mistake of putting a drop of superglue on the trimcap - the goo
must have seeped into the trimcap and changed the capacity, stuffing up
the impedance match.

Anyone got an easy-to-build design using readily available bits?

Yeah, I know that new x10 CRO probes are cheap to buy, but the skill of making
yourself is what the hobby of electronics is all about, isn't it?

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** This article ?

Published in October 2009.

...  Phil

Re: CRO probe

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A very good article, thanks for that! I recommend it to everyone who uses an
I still haven't found an easy way to make a basic x10 probe.
I've only got a 60MHz CRO, so the the probe doesn't need to be DC to daylight.
It isn't easy to shield the probe, include external trimcap adjustment and
insulate the whole thing in
a reasonably compact package. Perhaps it is too hard a task to build one from

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