basic optocoupler switch schematic

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hi,  would anybody be able to supply me a link/schematic  to build a
optocoupler switcher for a  eprom ? (4n25  opto ???)
i want to be able to switch banks in a 27c128 etc eprom via long wires
connected to a mechanical switch.

mark k

Re: basic optocoupler switch schematic

Hi Mark,

Since nobody seems to want to talk to you, thought I'd add a message.

I'm sure you've heard of Google, if not, I'm sure there books on how
to use Google to search now anyway.
I'm thinking that you probably wanted a decent answer from some people
who have expertise in this area, and well, it appears that ain't gonna
happen anytime soon, so I suggest you start searching instead...

Maybe something like this for a start

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