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I now have my RPi installed as a headless server with .Remote Desktop  
Viewer' providing the VNC connection. This workes as advertised and I am  
quite happy with it.

A problem arises when I try to SSH between the RPi and the other two  
computers on my LAN. SSH between the other two presents no problems.

When I try to SSH the RPi it asks for a password which I enter and then  
it freezes.  No input is possible and control C does not escape the  
situation.  The same thing happens when I SSH from the RPi screen.

I thought perhaps the SSH service had not started so a ran 'sudo service  
ssh start' but still had the same problem.

I'm probably missing something obvious??

Best Regards,
             Jack Fearnley

Re: Remote access problems
On Friday, January 12, 2018 at 3:50:34 PM UTC-5, Jack Fearnley wrote:
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To see if the problem is an ssh one, when you ssh from another system turn on verbose mode:
$ ssh -v -v -v pi@systemname
(Each -v causes more verbose messages.)

My suspicion is that something in your login profile is hanging the session at login time, probably you're starting a program in your .bashrc which is just stopping the login process. From a terminal on your Pi, try running:
$ bash -l -x
and see where the list of login code stops. That's probably where you're hanging.


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