any experience using Linux (Raspberry Pi) with Sunday Streams?

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Has anyone used Linux (preferably a Raspberry Pi) to originate a
video stream via Sunday Streams?  (Their website is /)

If so, do you have a recipe or hints as to how to make it work?

If not, does anyone have suggestions for originating a web video
stream of any kind from Linux?  Are there any linux-friendly web
video conferencing sites?

I have been asked to prepare to originate a video stream of a
funeral for a remote audience of one.  I don't know the details
of the remote viewer's equipment setup, but it's most likely to
be either a laptop or desktop computer running Windows or a
tablet of not-yet-known configuration.

The sending location's internet service is behind a rather
restrictive NAT situation that I do not control, so I cannot just
put up a web server and have the remote viewer connect.  The
originating location will need to connect with a website that
will act as an intermediary.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Sunday Streams other than as
a potential customer.

Thanks in advance.

Robert Riches
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Re: any experience using Linux (Raspberry Pi) with Sunday Streams?
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Latest Raspbian has a useable ffmpeg in the repos. Simplest way might be to
use it to livestream to Youtube "Go Live" with unlisted setting (I presume
it needs to be private, unlisted is not quite the same but acceptable I
think). Or see (also the
comments) which might be outdated because of the switch to Raspbian

Of course the Raspberry Pi camera is rather limited and has no sound. So
you probably want to relay a stream from another source? I'm sure it can be
done but forget about encoding on the fly. Think seriously about skipping
the Pi.

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