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Has anybody got experience/recommendations for using any of the 4" or  
3.5" TFT touch screens on an RPI and operating it outdoors?

I ask because I'm wondering about replacing the Medion S3747 PNA, which  
has a 3.5" screen with a similar sized package based on an RPi fitted  
with one of the TFT touch screen HAT units as the navigation display in  
my glider.

The RPi would run the Linux version of LK8000 and replace the Medion,  
which runs a WinCE version of LK8000, as the moving map navigation system  
in my glider. Since the glider has an untinted bubble canopy the  
performance of the screen in bright sunlight is important: the Medion hs  
very good in this respect because it has a trans-reflective screen which  
is readable, even with direct sum from over my shoulder on its screen.

I have a space problem on my instrument panel: a 3.5" display is OK and  
so is a 4" display provided its bezel adds less than 3mm to the width and  
height of the display - some of the newer displays look as if they can be  
housed in a custom enclosure that meets this requirement. Thickness  
doesn't look to be an issue because a Pi B wearing the TFT display hat  
isn't much thicker than the Medion.
LK8000: is an open source community developed glider navigation system.  

It has been compiled to run on a RaspberryPi - I'd probably put it on an  
RPi 2B because that should be fast enough and having an ethernet  
connection is nice for uploading plottable NOTAMS, restricted airspace  
maps etc.

Martin    | martin at
Gregorie  | gregorie dot org

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