Yamaha P7000S SMPS slave amp

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Bought new 2 years ago, now died totally.
Date? 2007 on the pcb overlays but Schuko mainland Europe mains plug  
with a 2014 moulding date.
Firstly that line-plug set in an "clamshell" adaptor for the UK , with L  
& N swapped over, sprung brass earth used for "earth bond" continuity .  
A break in the intended neutral wire somewhere, I originally suspected a  
dodgey adaptor. I have removed the cable and break is not at the  
so-called "strain relief" grommet. I'll hack into the cable , to  
find&inspect the break before replacing the cable, anyone seen the  
likes? PbF soldering to the "euro" plug pins or tin-pest "tinning" failure ?
No obvious overheating of the pins in the adaptor or casing or cable sleeve.

The internal 20mm 10 amp fuse & holder surprisingly looked healthy  
considering the yokes of the holder were only just making contact.
Is it asking too much for 20mm format to carry 10 amps reliably?

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