Vintage TV repair test equipment

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Over the years I have acquired a lot of vintage test equipment. I still
use most of it, but I have the following, which I think is something I
will never use. I only work on Tube gear, or real early transistor stuff
without chips. That means I will never work on any flat screen modern
HDTV televisions.  

There are three devices:

1. Flyback tester. I KNOW that is obsolete, modern TVs dont have
flybacks, only CRTs use them.

2. Sweep generator and marker. This one I am not sure about????

3. Bar Generator. (Puts colored bars both horizontal and vertical on the
screen). [This one I guess is still useful.]

I also have one of those High Voltage Probes for my Eico VTVM. That I
know is obsolete and is only for CRT sets.

Anyhow, I'm thinking of selling some of this stuff. I like collecting
and restoring old tube radios, stereos, and audio and guitar amplifiers,
but I dont have room for old tube television sets, even though it would
be nice having one of those antiques. But I dont really plan to do
anymore work on televisions. My own TVs and computer monitors are all
flat screen types now, and if they die, I will simply replace them,
unless its a simple repair such as a blown fuse, bad power switch or a
broken wire.

The reason that most of the old wax capacitors have failed, is because
the bees wax was gotten from "Low Tech" bees!  

Re: Vintage TV repair test equipment
On Monday, 7 January 2019 19:33:27 UTC,  wrote:

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I don't see how that would be useful. A computer can put anything at all onto a video signal, not stuck to a few preset testcard images.

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There are people working with HV

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Some old TVs are as small as radios eg Ekco TMB272.

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bad psu caps are often worth testing for

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Vintage TV repair test equipment
You can always use the high voltage probe to check microwave oven magnatrons. Of course a neon bulb works fine for that too

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