Tek 7000 Series Fixtures 067-0655-00 vs 067-0589-00 fixtures

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We're running through the calibration on our 067-0587-10 Standardizers
and they're failing frequency response.  All points lead to the
067-0655-00 fixture going bad, which we only have one of.  We tried to
substitute the 067-0589-00 fixture in place of it and pull the + & -
signals off of it, but the frequency response was even worse, on the
order of -12% at points.  What is the main difference between the
067-0655-00 and the 067-0589-00?  The 0655 looks like they've spent
significant effort shielding the pickoff points, and the 0589 has a
little more unshielded coax showing.  However, the flexible extender
board has a similar amount of unshielded coax to the 0589 and seems to
pass the signals just fine.  Is it just the rolloff of the coax used
in the 0589?

Are there any engineers out there that worked on the 7000's still

Thanks for any help,


Re: Tek 7000 Series Fixtures 067-0655-00 vs 067-0589-00 fixtures
For anyone interested, the problem was indeed the jig.  There is a "50
Ohm Follower" board that is built into the mainframe, and that is the
primary difference between the 067-0655-00 and the 067-0589-00.  We
bypassed the jig by purchasing a used mainframe and pulling the coax
signal lines to the outside of the scope body.  It's sad to scrap a
scope like that, but the jig cost ~$3000.00, and a used mainframe is
$300 and has two voltage follower boards.  Hope this helps someone,
but I have a feeling there's not a whole lot of 7000 series mainframe
calibration going on anymore.


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