Static discharge and thumbstick data?

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Not deliberately putting a data-stick in the path of a discharge, but  
cannot rule out the possibility of a casual situation like that.
Removing nylon/polyester clothing , hearing daytime and seeing flashes  
at night, on removing clothing, corruptible possibility with a datastick  
inside such clothing?

Re: Static discharge and thumbstick data?
First, you are writing of some sort of casual static discharge where the thumbdrive is in the current path. That would be unusual enough unless you slid across a wool carpet and then used the thumbdrive to ground yourself.  

But, I expect you would need something on the order of a static generator to make enough current to actually do damage.  

Try this: Purchase a very cheap thumbdrive, and try to wreck it via static. You should be reassured by the results.

Peter Wieck
Melrose Park, PA  

Re: Static discharge and thumbstick data?
On 01/05/2017 13:44, wrote:
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I assume an old SD card would make a reasonable stand-in. I'll dig out  
an old ion-generator and have a go.

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