Sony Bravia, my kids think I'm old and dumb

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  I have a Sony Bravia TV and a digital cable box.

My kids (23 and 25 yrs old) visited this weekend.
They left and I came home from work and turned on the TV.
It had no sound, I turned the volume up to max, nothing, I checked all  
the cables, still nothing.
  I called my son, no answer, I called my daughter, no answer. A couple  
minutes later my daughter called back, I ask if she did anything to the  
TV, it has no sound. "Did you turn up the volume on the TV?" So I  
grabbed the TV remote (that we never use) and turned the volume up. Yes  
it works.
  A few minutes later my son returned my call, I told him I didn't have  
any sound on the TV, but your sister fixed it. he said, "did you turn  
the sound up on the TV"
  As I said I never use the TV remote but the kids, ignored the Cable  
Box remote and turned down the sound on the TV.
    I later texted them and told them to quit laughing at your dad!


Re: Sony Bravia, my kids think I'm old and dumb
amdx wrote on 7/6/2017 10:20 AM:
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With remotes the rule is, "If some is good and more is better, then too much  
is just enough".  Unfortunately two is one too many.


Rick C

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