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Hi Group, I'm working a Panasonic TC-P50S2. The tv won't power up and no le
d blinking codes, I found a surface mounted component that is shorted. the  
board placement # ZD554 the part #VZPTZ6.2BT well I know it's a ZENER DIODE
, it's from the power supply, I did a ton of research trying to find anythi
ng on it, and I found nothing no datasheet, can anyone help cross reference
 this part or tell me it's characteristics.?

Re: Panasonic cross reference
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It has 6.2 in the part number. According to the schematic, it's across  
the STBY5V supply bus. I would guess it's a 6.2 volt Zener diode.  
Something like this:

-- Adam

Re: Panasonic cross reference
On Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 11:18:15 PM UTC-5, Adam wrote:
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Thank You..

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