(OT) Vacuum Cleaner Identification for Bags

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I've been dealing with a vacuum cleaner that has a cloth bag, and is
only good for floors. I was thinking of buying a new one so I can also
use it on walls and to vacuum things like the fan opening on my computer
and other stuff.

I was driving past a house the other day that was just sold, and there
was a pile of furniture and stuff in front for the trash. In that pile
was an old Electrolux canister vacuum, called "a Silverado Deluxe",
complete with the hose accessories and the carpet extension.  

I brought it home and found it works perfectly, except the bag was full.
I dumped out as much of the bag as I could and was shocked at the power
it has. From what I have seen online, this was an extremely well built
and durable machine. There is one selling on ebay right now, without the
hose or any attachments, for $70 plus $53 shipping. That's $123 total.
It appears to have been made in the early 1970s. That Ebay ad says
"1505" after the description, so I can only assume that is the model.

In my case, the price was right.....

The bags are paper, and have a rubber type seal around the opening. So I
need some new bags. However I can not find any model number on it
anywhere. The old bag says "Electrolux" but dont have any sort of part
number on it either.  

There are no vacuum cleaner stores in the area, so I am stuck with
getting bags at Walmart (if they have them), or on Ebay.

Does anyone know anything about buying bags for these vacuums, and know
how to order them? Do I order them by size, or just give the name of the
machine, since I do not have the model number?????

Or, is there an online place that caters to selling vacuum cleaners and
parts for them?  

I did notice there is a place where they was once a tag on the machine,
I assume that must be where the model number was posted....


Re: (OT) Vacuum Cleaner Identification for Bags

a scritto:

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tried google?


Bye Jack

Re: (OT) Vacuum Cleaner Identification for Bags
On Wednesday, 10 May 2017 06:36:53 UTC+1, snipped-for-privacy@tubes.com  wrote:
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I don't know why you want a model number when you have a model name.

When I've been unable to get bags, I've attached new paperbag to the old header section. Do it properly so it won't come off.


Re: (OT) Vacuum Cleaner Identification for Bags

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I have a strong suspicion that all the older Electrolux horizontal
canister vacuum cleaners uses the same size of bag.  Electrolux seems
to have chosen to stick with a proven design for many, many years of

I've had one of these for over 20 years (and it was a refurb when I
bought it).  I've always just grabbed packets of bags marked "for
Electrolux" at whatever big-box store or supermarket I happened to be
in, when I realized I needed some.  Never had a mis-fit.


It looks to me as if they have what you want... likely the "Type C"
filter bags.  "The 25 pack of 4 Ply Generic filter paper Aerus
Electrolux Style C Canister Paper Bags fits all canisters from 1952 to
2008 except Oxygen, Guardian, and Renaissance models."  They look just
like what mine uses.

Re: (OT) Vacuum Cleaner Identification for Bags
On Wed, 10 May 2017 12:46:31 -0700, snipped-for-privacy@coop.radagast.org (Dave
Platt) wrote:

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Those do look like the right ones and after doing some more reading on
the web, it appers that what you said is true. Looks like all the
Electrolux canister vacs use that Type C bag, except those you noted.
Mine is the Silverado (and I thought that was a Chevy Truck).  

Also, looking at a very detailed ad on Ebay to sell one of these vacuum
cleaners, it appears this is the model 1505.  That ad has about 25
pictures and they are all identical to my vac.

Kind of sounds like these are very well made vacs that last forever. I'm
glad I could save mine from the landfill. Especially since it works
perfectly. Sometimes it amazes me what people throw away.

Re: (OT) Vacuum Cleaner Identification for Bags
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Shoot a picture to a distributor of parts.


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