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Re: Of all the stupid things . . . .

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I rotated the entire file (all pages). I did a "SAVE AS" to retain the
original, in case it did not work properly. It worked fine. The saved
file is an identical file size and views properly.

When I rotated, it gave me the option to rotate "Current page", Selected
pages (by number), or rotate "ALL".  I chose the "ALL" option.  

Now I know why I like PDF-Xchange!  

(By the way, I'm using their "portable version"). That's the only one
that runs on both XP and Windows 98.

Re: Of all the stupid things . . . .
On 5/28/2017 12:08 PM, snipped-for-privacy@tubes.com wrote:
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I'll add that if you run IRFANVIEW as your image viewer, with the  
plugins, you can open a PDF, rotate the pages, and save the PDF rotated.

I also use Foxit Reader; but that sucker's bloating up like a beached  
whale in August in Florida ...


Re: Of all the stupid things . . . .

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IRFANVIEW can view PDF files???????
That's a new one on me.  

I have IRFANVIEW installed, for viewing images, but I dont use it too
much. I prefer Acdsee. Mostly because IRFANVIEW always forces small
images to fit the screen as a default, and small images look like crap
when they expanded. So I have to repeatedly resize each and every image
to it's ACTUAL size. That gets real tiring. Acdsee shows the images at
their actual size, unless the image is larger than my screen, in which t
fits the image to the screen. I dont have to keep adjusting the viewed
image size, it just views automatically. Because of that, IRFANVIEW is
NOT my default viewer.

FOXIT Reader was once a decent PDF viewer. I used it for several years.
A few months ago, I put a larger hard drive in my laptop. Rather than
image my setup from the smaller drive, I decided to just reinstall XP
from scratch. I was traveling to a destination, and someone had given me
a PDF map. I pulled over at a wayside to view it, when I realized that I
did not have a PDF viewer installed.  

So, I drive to the nearest restaurant that had WIFI, and googled "PDF
Viewer". The first one that popped up was Foxit. I was in a hurry and
did not have time to piss around. I just wanted to view that PDF map.
I installed Foxit reader, and what I saw was so bloated and filled with
complicated crap that I wanted no part of it. (And if I recall, it was
also full of advertising). I did manage to view my map though.
But a few days later, when I was not in a hurry, I again opened that
miserable bloated piece of shit, and looked at it. It took me less than
5 minutes to remove it from my computer, and install PDF-Xchange.  
I thought Adobe's reader was bad, until I tried the latest Foxit. (It's
worse). I would not recommend Foxit to anyone.....

Re: Of all the stupid things . . . .
Here's a nice trick if you are still using XP. (also works in Vista)

Get into Windows Explorer and set it to show hidden/system files. Now go find the executable for each of your viewers or aything where you have a choice off different programs to open. Right click the executable and hit "Desktop Create Shortcut.  

Drag those shortcuts into the \sendto directory, which will be under your username in Documents and Settings.  

Now when you right click a file you can force it to any of the programs at will and not change the file association.  

I tried it in Win7 and it gave me all kinds of hell with this access denied. Whose PC is this anyway ? I no longer have Win7.

Re: Of all the stupid things . . . .
On 5/30/2017 10:41 AM, snipped-for-privacy@tubes.com wrote:
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Two things - 1) It's in the plugins, which is a separate download, to  
view PDF files.  I use it quite routinely when W/Os I do for companies  
as a "contingent work force provider" are required to be JPGs not my  
standard PDFs.  This will also allow you to open a PDF, save it as a  
JPG, PNG, or what not; and open a TIF, JPG, PNG, whatnot and ... save it  
as a PDF.

2)  Ahem.  View --> Display Options --> Fit only big images to display  
window.  Your complaint is solved.  (What?  Been like that since version  
2.sumpin', and I'm currently using 4.4 .)

Not saying ACDSee is any worse, mind you!  It might be fantstically  
better.  But Irfanview has been my go-to of choice since, well, the 90's  
at least.  At least partly due to how powerful it is with its filtering  
(which is required less and less; my current GE point/n/click does a  
good enough job I don't have to fix the images anymore.)


Re: Of all the stupid things . . . .
On 5/28/17 8:10 AM, snipped-for-privacy@tubes.com wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

On my version (which is Acrobat not the reader) you click on the symbol  
that looks like a page with the corner turned down and scroll down to  
"page display tools" where is shown a couple of rotate symbols which  
will do just that.

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