LCD has ghosting segments problem (in Pioneer KEXM8076ZT, P1708)

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I have a Pioneer KEXM8076ZT, P1708 (Mobile Electronics: Radio/Cassette  
Player) with a bad LCD (ghosting segments).

I found a couple of relevant parts...

1) Pioneer CWM4931 - LCD with PCB
2) Pioneer CAW1385 - LCD only

Even better, someone posted a YT video fixing LCD ghosting segments just  
by cleaning the contacts on his Fluke 85 Multimeter...

How to bring LCD Ghost Segments back from the Dead...

Not sure whether I can clean the contacts on my Pioneer radio.
Anyone know what type of connector is used for the LCD and PCB ?
Is the connector standard or proprietary ?

I have photos but not sure how best to upload.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: LCD has ghosting segments problem (in Pioneer KEXM8076ZT, P1708)
There is no uploading here, you have to have some image hosting. there are  
a bunch of free ones, and I know none of them are perfect, that's why I don
't have one. I used to have Dropbox but when they told me I had to update m
y OS I told them to go pound salt.  

Most of those LCDs are connected by a zebra strip. It is not supposed to ev
er go bad. I would see about a replacement before even taking it apart.  

I would like to assume that if you order the LCD with the PCB you get one b
ut never assume anything.  

Zebra strips are only partly standardized, and to cut them you need extreme

You might want to see if you could maybe squeeze the whole mess together, m
ight work might not.

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