JVC TK-1070U camera connected to PCI capture card.

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I'm interested to capture the image from a JVC TK-1070U camera. The  
adapter card now in the computer is a Hauppauge, labeled NTSC/NTSC-J  
26552 REV F0A3 LF.  According to a Hauppauge support technician, the  
board is a PVR-150.  The camera is connected to the adapter by BNC,  
coaxial cable and BNC-RCA adapter.

A Sony Trinitron displays an image from the camera.  Tried various  
adjustments of software configuration and still no image via the  
Hauppauge card operated by the qv4l2 test bench in Linux.

Does the camera deliver a PAL signal which the NTSC adapter can not  
interpret?  I haven't found documentation covering this level of  
detail.  If the camera delivers PAL I can hunt for a PAL adapter on  
eBay but prefer not to pursue this blindly.  

Ideas?  Has anyone obtained an image with a JVC analogue camera  
connected to a PCI adapater?  If so, some specifics could help.

Thanks,                  ... Peter E.

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