GYYR Timelapse recorder problem

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GYYR Timelapse recorder problem

Play mode will not take up tape.  Tape loads to head and continues
feeding tape into unit but not winding on the take-up side (or whatever
you call it). I replaced a stretched square belt on the take-up side,
still have same problem.  My brain wants to tell me it's a mechanical
issue, but....... I want to ask before I put my mitts on it.



Re: GYYR Timelapse recorder problem

Bill Degener ha escrito:

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Check spool braking, and rubber idler tyre (usually located between 2
spools) - probably needs replacement. (unless it is a toothed gear
idler in which case clutch may have gone)

Re: GYYR Timelapse recorder FIXED (Funny)
I took off the bottom metal cover and noticed a pulley with no belt.  I
looked all around and couldn't find the old one.  I wondered if the old
stretched belt would work.  I glanced over at the cover and grabbed what
i thought was the old belt.  I got a finger full of reverted goo that
looked like a good belt.  Got the stretched one and compared it to the
goo and viola.  Installed and plays fine.

Bill Degener wrote:
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Re: GYYR Timelapse recorder FIXED (Funny)

Bill Degener ha escrito:

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good news!
how old is the unit? I dont think I have ever seen a vcr with this goop
problem, it was more common on old open reel and cassette decks from
the 1970s. The rubber breaks down and either goes hard and brittle or
the opposite (unlucky) - as in your case! I have found alcohol and old
rags a good way of removing it.

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