Bose Wave Radio (AWR1-1W) Schematic - Service Manual Wanted

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My faithful Bose Wave radio is in need of repair.  I would appreciated
help locating a Service Manual and schematic.

I understand there are several different versions of this radio.  Mine
is from the first series, I believe.

The Bose model is an AWR1-1W


Re: Bose Wave Radio (AWR1-1W) Schematic - Service Manual Wanted

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Mail me direct off-group using the address that this was posted from, with
the number on the main board (usually six digit, something like "187606
REV01"), and I should be able to help you with a schematic copy. What is the
problem with the unit ?


Re: Bose Wave Radio (AWR1-1W) Schematic - Service Manual Wanted
Thanks for your reply in newsgroups, reference a Schematic 96% Service
Manual.  (Email Set)

My Wave Radio problem is that when you turn on the radio, about 9 out
of 10 times... no audio.  Same situation whether you use the ON
button, or the radio is coming on as an alarm.  My first thought is
that there is a problem with a mute circuit? Same symptoms, AM or FM
modes.  Also, I noticed that the muting between FM stations is


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