black microwave with diode not the problem

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Can you help me choose a microwave to fit the hole I already have?
Especially how to get the exact size I need?
And how important is "inverter technology?

I need to replace a dead built-in black microwave without spending $800 to
replace it with the original Jenn-Air M170B countertop 1200W 1.6cf unit.

The existing fabricated black aluminum faceplate apparatus is pre-set to:
Length = 22-1/8"
Height = 13-3/8"
Depth = 12-5/8" (but it can be deeper)
Watts = 1200W
Volume = 1.6cf

Costco has a #1325470 Panasonic NN-SC668S for $119.99
Length = 20-7/16"
Height = 12-3/8"
Depth = 16"
Watts = 1200W
Volume = 1.3cf
with something called "Inverter Technology".

Home Depot has a #1003366983 Magic Chef for $109.00
Length = 20-3/4"
Height = 12"
Depth = 15-1/2"
Watts = 1100W
Volume = 1.6cf

Target has a #NN-SN67HS Panasonic for $119.99, which is
Length = 20-11/16"
Height = 12-1/4"
Depth = 15-13/16"
Watts = 1200W
Volume = 1.2cf

Target also has a #072-1-282 Oster for $64.99
Length = 23.9"
Height = 14.4"
Depth = 18.4"
Watts = 1000W
Volume = 1.1cf

Re: black microwave with diode not the problem
The Troll is back. Please do not feed the troll!  

Re: black microwave with diode not the problem
In, on Thu, 20 Feb 2020 05:01:14 -0800 (PST),

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Aha.  I saw him in Home Repair with this same "question" and took him
seriously, even though the question is strange.  

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