Bell PSX 5022/6022 power amp problem

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I have PSX 5022 power amp and a loud "hum" noise is heard on it when input
signal connected. I've looked at circuit boards and on circuit boards
labeled <PSX 5022 & 6022 INPUT (CH1) > and <PSX 5022 & 6022 INPUT (CH2) >
resistors marked as R03 and R103 burned out and obviously needs to be
replaced. Can someone send me the values of resistors if it has PSX 5022 or
6022 amp because they both have the same input circuit boards ? Will
replacing them solve my problem? What was the reason for them burning out?

Please help,


Re: Bell PSX 5022/6022 power amp problem

Bog tomislave!

Otpornici su od 10 oma, a izgorili su ti vjerovatno zbog nekog napona
na ulaznom signalu (izvor signala, mixer?)

tesla mostar

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