cassette conversion

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I have a box of old cassettes in the attic (like a  
million other blokes).  Rather than consigning them  
to the dust bin, I'd convert them to MP3 files.  Anybody  
have suggestions for a converter?

I could buy one blind, from Amazon or Best Buy, but  
I wonder if there are differences in quality, among  
competing models.

I plan to do one tape per day.  It should require minimal  
baby sitting - just start it, then let it run to completion,  
and switch off, on its own.

PS  Some of the tapes are metal, some CrO2, some plain  
vanilla (whatever that means).  And differing cutoff filters.    
So that's a complication.  As I recall, there were players which could recognize these various types.  How did they do that?  


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