Xilinx Vertex II Pro with tow VDEC videodevices

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I want to use a second Digilent VDEC videodevice at one time with another on
the Vertex II Pro Developmentsystem board. Because this board has only one
highspeed Digilent Connector (J37), I need to construct an adapter for the
lowspeed Connector (J5 - J6).

Does someone know, where I can get an Hirose FX2 connector (in
germany/europe)? Can I use J5 - J6 with the signal-clock, which is
necessary for a Digilent VDEC videodevice (54MHz)?  


Re: Xilinx Vertex II Pro with tow VDEC videodevices
Hi Ludwig,

Have you considered using two XUPV2Ps each with its own VDEC1 board?
The VDEC data from one board could be sent to the other over a SATA
cable connected between the boards.  The "Using High Speed Serial MGTs
with the Aurora IP" Quickstart at http://www.xilinx.com/univ/xupv2p.html
is a good example to start with.


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