Xilinx Spartan-3E Microblaze Program Execution

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Hello all,

I am a beginner with the Xilinx EDK and Platform Studio software for
programming a Microblaze processor.  I have googled several EDK
tutorials, but few have met my platform specifications (v10.1,
Microblaze processor) and I'm having some trouble downloading my
software design to the Spartan-3E board.

Currently, I have the hardware design in place and I wrote a simple
program to turn on a few of the LED's on the starter board.  Now after
wrestling with this for a few days I finally got the program to run
via the XMD (Xilinx Microprocessor Debugger) by connecting to the
processor and executing the 'run' command.

My question is this - how do you run the program after you download
the bit file (with both the hardware design and the software
application) without using the debugger?

Any help or input would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


P.S.  My program code is below:

#include "xparameters.h"
#include "stdio.h"
#include "xbasic_types.h"
#include "xgpio.h"
#include "gpio_header.h"
#include "uartlite_header.h"

int main (void) {

    XGpio Lights;

    if (XGpio_Initialize(&Lights, XPAR_LEDS_8BIT_DEVICE_ID) !=
        printf("Failed to initalize the LEDs.\r\n");
    else {
            XGpio_SetDataDirection(&Lights, 1, 0x00);
            XGpio_DiscreteWrite(&Lights, 1, 0x0A);

   return 0;

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