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I am using the ISE simulator and I can't seem to figure out how to
display variables in the waveform display.  All of the documentation
refers to "signals", but I am never sure if this term is used in the
general or the VHDL specific sense.  Am I missing something or is
waveform display of variables not supported in the ISE simulator?

I am also finding it a bit of a PITA that the simulator seems to want
to talk to something, maybe itself, through my firewall!  I am using
Sophos and it does not have a way of blanket saying that this is ok.
It wants to verify every program that accesses the network by
comparing the checksum of the program. It am guessing that ISE
simulator is compiling the code down to machine executable because the
checksum is different every time I compile new source!  So every time
I have to tell the firewall that this is a new, but valid program! Is
this really necessary?  Or is there a way to tell ISE simulator to
stop talking to itself?


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