Xilinx EDK/XPS 8.2 freezes XP desktop when launching XMD

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Hi everyone,

When I launch an external application such as XMD, the Software
Debugger or Platform Studio SDK from the Xilinx Platform Studio 8.2 my
Window XP desktop will freeze for an indefinite amount of time.  The
mouse can be moved, but all mouse clicks and keyboard input seems to be
dead.  The only way for me to recover control of my PC is to hit
Ctrl-Alt-Delete which seems to wake the PC up from whatever state it's
in and I can then continue to use the application that was launched.

When I first installed EDK 8.2 a few months ago it worked fine, but
this problem seemed to come from out of the blue a few weeks ago.
Applying the latest EDK updates to bring things up 8.2.02i did not seem
to fix anything.  Also, no other applications on my PC suffer from the
same problems so I'm fairly certain it's a problem with the Xilinx
applications themselves.

Has anyone seen such an issue?  Any clues on where I can look to see
what might be misconfigured on my system?


Mike Thompson

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